Advantage SCI SeaPort-e Contract

Quality Assurance Program

Advantage SCI embeds Quality Assurance (QA) from inception and maintains quality control throughout every phase of our projects. The primary methods of assuring the quality of services are appropriate advance planning, assignment of sufficient qualified staff, and establishment of successful program and project management techniques. Our quality of service is proven through our high CPARS ratings on all of our contracts. The responsibility of quality control is shared by everyone on the team and integrated into every phase of the project.

Our QA processes are documented and tailored for each client. The documented processes ensure that required reviews and verifications represent unbiased assessments of the quality of our services. These QA processes address planning, tracking, reporting, scheduling, and leading QA activities at the project level as addressed in the QA plans. Our process reviews and evaluations of our services ensure the clarity, compliance, presentation, and completeness of all deliverables.

Advantage SCI’s senior management, program management and quality control team personnel are routinely in contact with Government COR/COTR and government project teams to receive assessments on quality of support and customer satisfaction. Advantage SCI QA processes are designed to assure Total Quality Assurance. Our quality assurance processes involve the CEO, Vice Presidents, Financial Management, and Contract Management, Administration, Program/Project Managers and project staff. In support of the Quality Management Process, each Project Manager prepares a tailored, quality control/assurance plan detailing how the project will be implemented on each task/program. As a minimum, for those processes affecting quality, each plan will identify how the following activities will be accomplished for each project:

Management: Communications, identifying quality objectives, and management reviews

Resource Management: Resource provisioning, competence/training, and work environment

Analysis and Improvement: Customer satisfaction, reviews and audits, analysis of data, continual improvement, corrective and preventive actions and assumptions used in its development.